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Positive Vibes, Inspiration & Tarot


If you are being tested by life or have a particular question, or just simply curious about the Tarot, come and have a personal reading with me and allow me to inspire you.


With over 25 years experience of reading the Tarot, I have come to innately trust the wisdom of the cards and now understand how the cards can help us through challenging times.


Often wrongly described as fortune telling my readings are nothing like how it is portrayed by the media.  


A Tarot Reading can restore faith and optimism and help you to see the way forward with clarity.  

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Meet Denise 

Psychic Medium

Meet Denise

Denise Richards  

Intuitive Psychic with a Difference

I am based in Birmingham, West Midlands and from here I serve people all around the UK as well as internationally.  I regularly read for people all over the world, in Australia, New Zealand, Europe and the USA.

We are all energy beings, and we are receiving and transmitting these energies every millisecond of our lives. It is your divine right and duty to find happiness, joy, and abundance in your life.  

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My gift I that I can see the aura and use this energy gift as a direct line to the information that is within you and through your higher self and spiritual guides.  This is a universal truth; we are spiritual beings choosing to be here at this time in physical form.

I offer virtual online readings via zoom, face to face if you live local or by telephone if you prefer. Be assured that I don't need to see you personally to do a reading.  I don't need a physical body to work through.  I can tune into the auric field and higher self through a higher energy.


My readings are uplifting and inspirational.  Yes, stuff happens in life, and we meet challenges, and this is often why we want a reading.   Your own thought processes will cause you more worry than trusting that your soul is beyond these fears and knows what truly the right path for you is.  I can tune in and see what is really going on and how you can overcome your difficulties.

I love the Tarot, I read the cards both psychically and intuitively.  They talk to me; I truly connect to the essence of the cards.  Tarot is always full of wisdom, truth, and compassion.  Sometimes in life we get confused and caught up in mundane everyday matters, so we don't see the right path towards our fulfilment and success. Instead, we feel confused and lost in a cycle of stress and frustration, this can lead to self-sabotage, fear, and worry.


A Tarot reading will give you clarity and insight and help you to see why and how to move forward.  This is my gift to you, to be of service on your journey towards love and abundance.  You will also receive a healing transmission energy as I work with Alpha and Theta frequencies.

With the Tarot I can work with these frequencies and clearly see your best way forward. Often, we are groping around in the darkness, I understand I have been there myself and it is not pleasant.  


A reading will leave you feeling inspired and uplifted.  The Tarot is mystical and practical at the same time.  The Tarot reveals the unseen and often unheard it is your portal to your true potential.

In 2004 when I moved to Melbourne Australia, I started reading professionally. I have been so fortunate to work from such iconic centres such as Spellbox and Qi Crystals in Melbourne.  As my audience grew I started to work over the telephone and had clients all over Australia and Asia. I now also primarily work online over Zoom, via telephone calls and in person with one-to-one readings.

Scroll down to see my qualifications, to find out how I can help you with the services I offer, and what my clients say about their experiences with me.

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My Qualifications

Below are certificates that certify me

to deliver all of the services described on this website

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My Qualifications

My Training Qualifications
& Experience 

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I am a certified Reiki Master and Spiritual Healer in addition to the following qualifications.


All of my certificates can be seen below:

LLC          Licensed Life Coach

Psy-Tap     Trauma Release sensory technique

LPNLP       Licenced Practitioner of

               Neuro Linguistic Programming

D.Hyp.     Clinical Hypnotherapist

LCC         Stress Management

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Certificates of Competence

The Silva Method Certification
Timeline Coaching Certification
Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming
Clinical Hypnotherapy Membership
The Silva Method
Practitioner of Coaching
Practitioner of Timeline Coaching
Neuro Linguistic Programming
Clinical Hypnotherapy
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Find out more about learning how to read Tarot as a beginner and also advanced learning if you are considering a career in Tarot reading.

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 If I am not available you can book with one of my trusted expert psychics below, who specialise in romance, career, finances, home and family. Prices start at £1.50 per minute for 20 minutes. Book with our live friendly receptionists now.

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