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What My Clients Say
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Book a FREE Discovery Call with Denise-22.png
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Bev - UK

I was referred to Denise by a friend.  I had never had a reading before so was quite sceptical about having one.

At the time I was going through a lot of change and upheaval in my life. I must say it was just what I needed to give me hope and encouragement.  


Denise gave me so much accurate information about my life situation. She saw and foretold so much without me even telling her very much about my life.  


The Tarot Card reading was spot on and really helped to create new pathways for me and a new way forward.


I still see Denise from time to time for her guidance and natural wisdom.

The Tarot opened up a whole new world for me so much so I have started reading spiritual books and want to explore this myself.  Thanks Denise   

Michelle - UK

Denise is extremely knowledgeable, not only about the cards and the readings but also astrologically. She is able to tell the star signs of people simply by looking at the cards.  


She intuitively knows the situations that you are going through.  Using the cards she can give you the best possible outcome of how things stand at present.  


When I have had readings previously with Denise she has been spot on every time.  She not only told me what the outcome will be, but also what the best outcome for me personally will be also.  


Denise is phenomenal, I would definitely 100% recommend her for readings. 

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Book a FREE Discovery Call with Denise-22.png
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Book a FREE Discovery Call with Denise-22.png
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Book a FREE Discovery Call with Denise-22.png
Book a FREE Discovery Call with Denise-22.png
Book a FREE Discovery Call with Denise-22.png
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Book a FREE Discovery Call with Denise-22.png
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Book a FREE Discovery Call with Denise-22.png
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Geeta - UK

My first encounter with Denise was a few years ago when I was lost emotionally as well as mentally.


Upon meeting her I immediately felt relaxed and felt that I could for once be myself and open up to certain topics.  


Whilst the reading took place, the energies she spoke about made sense, and bearing in mind she knew nothing about me.  


The reading was spot on, regarding my career and love life.  


At first, I wasn’t sure but as the months progressed, she couldn’t have been more accurate.


I then had a second reading during the pandemic via zoom and it amazed me how yet again she was so spot on.  


The guidance I received what exactly what I needed, and I would highly recommend Denise to anyone whether you are looking for guidance or a little reassurance.  


Thank you Denise.  

Dee - UK

When Denise told me she was developing a new website I straight away offered her a testimonial.


Denise is so professional and experienced. I love her because she has a wealth of knowledge and years of experience. She is a Psychic Medium and Clairvoyant and tunes into through the auric field.  


have known her for many years when she lived in Melbourne she gave me telephone readings and then when she visited the UK I would make a point of seeing her personally. She has done 1000’s of readings and has a deep connection to spirit and the tarot cards.


I am so happy that she is back home now. I have referred many of my friends to Denise. She is amazing. 


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Mario - Australia

I started seeing Denise for readings at SpellBox in Melbourne, Australia in 2013. She took over from my previous reader and, at that point, I found it difficult to trust someone new. However, Denise immediately made me feel at ease and she transmits a warm and welcoming aura. 


She is a talented reader who uses her skills in tarot reading and coaching to give you insights on your current situation. What you do with the messages is up to you but I always found them to be a powerful source of reflection and guidance. 


Denise is very perceptive and often gives you messages from her guides in relation to your questions. She can also read your aura to channel your feelings and I have always found that to be quite grounding for me. 


Denise is honest, she has a good heart, and she genuinely wants to help others. 

Even now that she lives in the UK and I am still in Australia, I regularly schedule zoom readings with her. Even from a distance, she is able to feel my energy and she provides me with positive messages and guidance. I am very grateful to have met Denise and to have her assistance when I need it.

Sanjeev - UK 

Denise as a person is authentic and understands me thoroughly.

Denise has knowledge, experience and is a expert is coaching and hypnotherapy and understands trauma, energy, holistic way to perform her role as a coach, a therapist and intuitive reader


I have found her sessions extremely beneficial and helped me in times where I felt overwhelmed with my anxiety and emotions as well as creating future goals and having a clearer thought process.


I am very happy I worked with Denise on sessions and will continue to do so.

I have passed her contacts to many other friends and recommended her to many people I know as she is simply outstanding.


Thank you Denise

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I first starting seeing Denise after I got made redundant from a job of many years, in fact it was one of my first jobs and one which I learned all my financial skills. I was very anxious about my future.


I was really amazed at how accurate the reading was, it revealed that the loss of the job would be a blessing in disguise and that I would fine another job very quickly but it would only be short term.


Denise also pointed out other opportunities coming up and even predicted the months these events would take place. 


I have since been back on several occasions and have never been disappointed in her insights and wisdom.  She is very generous and compassionate I would highly recommend Denise if you are looking for clarity and to find your way forward.  I have always found her readings accurate and inspiring


It was a great pleasure to work with Denise Richard. She is a well experienced certified life coach, and trauma specialist. Denise's knowledge of many interventions and techniques such as breakthrough coaching, clinical hypnosis, neuroscience/neurobiological change, Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and Energy intuitive healing makes Denise a one-stop-shop for me. 


She helped me heal from a huge childhood trauma that was holding me back from moving forward to build my dream life. Denise hypnotherapy sessions remove the emotional charge from the trauma and now I have a new positive perspective that is allowing me to feel free and confidently achieve my goals and dreams. 


Denise intuitive reading was the icing on the cake for me. I had so many questions about the passing of my father. Many of my questions were answered and I feel so free knowing that my father's spirit is at peace and that he is proud of me and that he thinks I am on the right path.  


It is an honor to recommend Denise, she is a one-stop-shop. As a life coach, Denise helped me design a plan to take daily practical action steps towards my goals and dreams. As a trauma specialist helping me heal and be forever free from the strong emotional impact of my past trauma. The Reading confirms my path for a bright future with my future husband as we build a wonderful life together. 


Thank you Denise,

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