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Free your mind from uncertainty and confusion.
A Tarot reading can give you answers to your most pressing questions.

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Since ancient times oracles and psychics have been consulted to receive divine guidance.


Over millennia Kings and Queens consulted psychics to help avoid making wrong decisions which would  affect their domain and thousands of people in their realms.  


Psychics and oracle readers have been highly sought after as a solution and to reduce fear and uncertainty. 

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I offer my clients the opportunity to gain insight and clarity to their most pressing questions.  My readings give my clients the opportunity to improve their life.  


I tune in energetically through the aura and bring into the clients’ awareness what obstacles are impeding them at this time.  I use my unique combination of my psychic and coaching skills to make the unconscious conscious such as fears and limiting beliefs.  Along with my spirit team I then look at solutions on how to progress and move forward.  


It brings me great joy to help people move from a place of uncertainty and doubt to a place of inspiration.


My qualifications speak for themselves, but qualifications are of no use without experience and practice.  I work ethically and morally and seek only to help my clients to grow and expand their awareness and potential.

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My reading begins before your session. I start by tuning in energetically with you, so you will begin your session with an abundance of guidance and messages to help you along your life path and direction. 

Face to Face Readings are offered on Tuesdays and Saturday mornings in Birmingham if you live local.

Book a FREE Discovery Call with Denise-2

My sessions are energising and informative and you will feel uplifted at the end of the reading, armed with relevant guidance and wisdom around your question or situation.  


I offer you several options;


Depending on your preference, the readings can be for 30 minutes, 40 minutes or 60 minutes duration.

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