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The Modern Mystic Newsletter #2 - Spring Edition 2024

Subject: 🌼 A Spring Tarot Reading Awaits You 🔮

Greeting to you on this beautiful day wherever you are in the world, Happy Easter.

I am inviting you to embrace the blossoming energy of spring with my latest newsletter, with simple yet profound thoughts and a special tarot reading just for you.

In this edition:

🔮 Refreshing insights tailored for the season ahead.

🌿 Guidance to help you navigate through the blooming possibilities.

🔮 A sprinkle of magic as I draw a card to ignite your intuition and inner wisdom this Spring.

🌼 A link to my latest blog about tarot and a quick link to all prior blogs.

Let the power of the cards illuminate your path and usher in a season of growth and renewal. Enjoy my spring newsletter today.

Warmest wishes,


Download the Newsletter below to access the links

The Modern Mystic Newsletter - Volume 2-2
Download PDF • 3.17MB

Or open the newsletter here

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