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Blog #5 - How to develop Intuition with Alpha Meditation.

Entering a flow state of mind is a very magical experience. There are those moments when we lose track of time and you enter a calm, creative state of mind that results in fast learning and a more productive state of mind. Many of us find it difficult to achieve this state of being during a normal work day. Most of us have lost the ability to go really deep and enter this natural state of flow, but rather we spend our lives in a frantic blur of rushing around without realising that there is a better way.

That better way to get into the flow is learning how to relax the mind into a deeper state and to harness your brain's alpha-waves.

What are Alpha Waves?

Alpha waves are at the centre of your brain wave spectrum, between 8-12Hz. When you brain is operating at this frequency, you are more able to absorb new information and be more creative and productive. Alpha-waves are the gateway between normal ego state beta waves and the sleep frequency of Theta. Thanks to your brain cells there is always some type of electrical activity going on inside there and also at different times of the day, different waves will dominate. In the morning for instance when you wake up your brain passes from the slow delta waves of sleep into the low frequency theta waves that act as a portal between the dream and waking worlds.

The alert beta waves operate when we are engaged in problem solving or making decisions and the even faster waves of gamma, when we are full of adrenaline and energy, feverishly multitasking or working towards seemingly impossible deadlines.

But do you know that when it comes to improving performance in any area of your life, the most valuable brainwaves, the gold of gold standard are your alpha-waves. As a hypnotherapist I call alpha-waves a kind of work hypnosis, where you are fully engaged with your subject matter, yet at the same time completely happy and relaxed as you calmly work towards completing your projects or workload.

So how can you learn to access and increase your alpha brain waves?

Alpha waves oscillate between beta and theta waves. To successfully harness them, you will need to slow things down, deepen your breaths, lower your heart rate and calm the electricity of your mind. Meditation can unlock this beneficial state of mind. However you dont have to sit in the lotus position for hours to achieve this. The beauty of the immersive alpha state is that it decreases stress levels and increases productivity and creativity, making it a brilliant life tool for both work and play.

Alpha-waves are characterised by an alert yet calm state of mind. Rather like hypnotic trance where your neither asleep nor fully awake. Whilst in this relaxed yet focused state the mind is more productive and creative. Its a zone that many people enter to focus on particular tasks, they call it the zone, athletes, artists, writers and musicians say they produce their best work whilst in this state. This is Alpha brain wave frequency. You can learn to achieve alpha state very easily to help you feel relaxed, creative and calm.

An alpha state of mind is a calming and restorative state. Its been scientifically proven to alleviate symptoms of both depression disorders and anxiety disorders. JK Rowling who wrote the Harry Potter books said she wrote her stories while day dreaming and in a state of reverie.

So now you know the benefits of Alpha-waves here are 6 ways you can learn to enter the beneficial alpha-waves state of mind.

1. Meditation

There are many forms of meditation, most of them help to settle the mind into a state of calmness. Therefore most meditation techniques will help you to enter the alpha state of mind. However many of these techniques are passive and many find themselves drifting off to sleep.

I am a Jose Silva Ultramind Graduate and I use their 321 method to quickly get into Alpha. Basically the 321 method is:

3 = Physical relaxation and deep breaths.

2 = Mental relaxation with a tranquil and passive scene.

1. Deep breaths and a mental countdown. Then beneficial statements to reprogram the mind.

Here are a few other options, a number of studies have found that repeating a mantra, but the main point is to let your mind wander, not to force it on anything. So a mantra should be repeated in a relaxed way. Another way is simply observing the breath without judgement.

2. Flow

Being in the flow is also known as being in the zone, the state of flow happens when we engage in a task that balances difficulty with our ability to overcome it, because we enjoy it.

In the flow we often lose our sense of time, our inner critic goes quiet and your attention is consumed by the activity. The flow is a very rewarding state of mind

Also known as being in the zone, the state of flow occurs when we engage in a task that perfectly balances difficulty with our ability to overcome it.

In flow you often lose your sense of time, your inner critic goes quiet and your attention is consumed entirely. Often described as an intensely rewarding experience, you will definitely benefit from learning how to get into the alpha state.

3. Binaural Beats

Binaural beats are also called brainwave entrainment, they are a great way to promote the alpha-wave state. It is when you play two slightly different frequencies into each ear – you hear a beating pattern that is the difference between the two. For instance if you play frequencies of 250 Hz and 258 Hz into your left and right ears, your brain will perceive a beat of Hz which is the beginning of the alpha band. You can find binaural beats on YouTube or Spotify, all you need are headphones.

4. Silva Method.

This is my preferred method. The Silva Method is a mixture of meditation and exercises developed by Jose Silva back in the 1940's. It's now been translated and taught across the world.

Its designed to get people into the alpha state and improve their creativity and intuition. They call it mind control, not literally but the idea of controlling your own mind. If you want further information on the Silva Method you can find them on the internet and YouTube where you can watch their masterclass on how to enter altered states of mind.

The Silva Method will always start with a meditation and a countdown backwards from 100 to 1 at 2 second intervals. Once you are in Alpha you engage in visualization activities often based around reaching goals and personal healing.

5. Breathwork

Mostly we breath automatically without awareness. Taking a more conscious approach can be really beneficial for our health. By slowing your breathing from the abdomen you can promote activity in your parasympathetic nervous system, which decreases activity in the sympathetic nervous system. Deep rhythmic breathing is relaxing and therapeutic for the body as well as the mind.

There are many breath work methods, you can count the inhale and exhale, or simply focusing on being aware of your breathing or the rise and fall of the chest and abdomen.

6. Forest Walks

Nature has a profound effect on our mental well being, it's why we populate our homes and gardens with lush greenery and colourful flowers. City streets lined with trees don't just offer shade but something more aesthetic and pleasing.

Walking in woodland or forest improves our oxygen uptake and communing with nature boosts our immune system by increasing the activity of natural killer cells and anti-cancer proteins. Its also a calming practice and perfect for promoting alpha-waves.

Find Your Alpha State of Mind

You can learn to get into alpha-wave frequency by all of the above as well as by engaging in an activity where you find yourself in flow. It will help you in so many ways, promoting creativity, problem solving while decreasing stress and anxiety. The above methods offer something for everyone from simple meditations to devices you can listen to that read your mind or new ways of looking at the world on a daily walk.

No matter what your budget, time frame or location, there are ways you can get into the alpha state of mind. And from personal daily practice I can tell you its well worth the effort to do so.

Best of luck on your Alpha journey.

With love



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