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Blog #3 - Trusting Intuition: A Psychic Readers Journey.

Updated: Jan 19

When I started reading the Tarot, for quite a while I didn't trust the first feelings I was receiving about a tarot card. I wasn't trusting my intuition, then one day, my inner voice told me to share my first feelings about a card. If I wasn't offending anyone and the intuition was serving them, it was OK to share, even though I thought it silly at the time. Once I started to trust those first feelings, my psychic skills accelerated, and my readings became much more accurate.

Have you ever considered purchasing a car then you start seeing them all over? Looking for and recognising a thing trains your mind and more of it. The same process will happen if you watch for your intuition, you'll start to see more of it.

Unfortunately, a strong hunch can be for irrelevant reasons too. If you were hit by a black taxi as a child, you might have “intuitive” hunches not to get into black taxis for the rest of your life. So even learning to recognise your intuition and encourage it may leave you wondering when to trust it.

Study Your Intuition.

Start questioning your hunches. Study your strong feelings about that taxi, and you might say, “Oh, it’s just my fear of yellow taxis.” Get in the habit of paying attention to and studying your intuitive feelings.

Where does your intuition work best? If you’re always right about your intuitive stock picks, give a little credence to them. On the other hand, if your hunches about people are usually wrong, don’t follow them. Just pay attention more, and you’ll be developing intuition about your intuition.

Give Your Intuition Good Information.

Your skill, knowledge, and experience determine the potential effectiveness of your intuition. Learn enough about a subject, before expecting good hunches about it, or before trusting the hunches. Work in the area you want more intuition in. When enough information is in your mind, it will go to work for you with or without your conscious participation, so feed it well.

Recognize your intuition and you’ll have hunches and ideas more often. Study it and you’ll learn when to trust it. Give it good information and you’ll be repaid with good hunches and ideas. This is the simple formula for developing intuition.

Your Intuition can be your best friend and guide you towards fulfilling your dreams. Learn to trust this most important ally.

Love and Gratitude,


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