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Blog #11 - Unlocking the Channelled State: A Guide to Spiritual Connection

Updated: Jun 23

Hello Beautiful Souls,

I have been offering channelled readings for many years, and a common question I receive is about what it feels like to be a channel.

My journey began in 1989 when I started as a reflexologist. It was during these early days that I first began to see auras and receive intuitive messages for my clients. Initially, I was hesitant to share these insights, fearing that I might be wrong.

A few years later, while studying Spiritual Healing, I learned more about auras and the energy field, which helped me understand and trust the messages I was receiving. As I embraced my role as a channel, I learned to be more present in my body and trust the wisdom coming through. Being in a channelled state feels like a form of hypnotic trance—where personal concerns fade away, and I experience a profound sense of peace and connection. Time and space dissolve, senses heighten, and a feeling of oneness with everything emerges.

You, too, can learn to access this powerful energy field and begin channelling yourself.

There are many healing modalities available, and all paths lead to the same destination. Channelling in its purest form is nameless; it is a process of clarity, connection, and a commitment to helping others achieve better health and happier lives.

Let's explore five steps to help you start channelling:

1. Harness the Channelled Trance State

Understanding your intuitive senses—whether seeing, feeling, hearing, knowing, or tasting—requires self-awareness. Begin by quieting your mind through meditation. This practice will open your third eye and heighten your awareness of body sensations, allowing you to recognise where different feelings and thoughts originate. Trusting your intuition will become easier with time and practice.

2. Mindful Intention

Once you can enter a trance state through meditation, clarify your intention. Start with yourself: what needs healing—your emotions, body, or a personal situation? Ask, “What part of my body needs healing and attention right now?” Trust the first message that comes to you, even if it’s unexpected. Your body and spirit perceive differently than your thinking brain. Trust the process and the sequence it reveals.

3. Activate and Protect Your Energy Field

In your meditative trance, activate your energy field by creating an ebb and flow with your breath. This will help undulate your energy field, releasing and reabsorbing clarified energy, and establishing a connection between your nervous system and energy field. This prepares your system for the channelled connection.

4. Trust Your Intuition

Belief in your healing source is crucial. Whether you connect with spirit guides, angels, or another higher source, remember that they are part of the same universal energy as you. Connect with your highest sense of the divine, the energy of grace and love. Allow this source to move into your field, feeling its essence saturate you.

5. Seek Guidance from Your Higher Self

Once you’ve established this connection, let the healing energy flow into any area of your life or body that needs it. Feel, see, hear, and know this powerful healing essence as it permeates your being. Stay focused on the source energy, holding your intention clearly.

6. Energy Release and Absorb Practice

You can practice this standing, sitting, or lying down:

·    Breathe in and out, relaxing your mind.

·    Place your hands near your ears, palms facing inward, about 4 inches away.

·    Move your hands outward, then back toward your ears, finding a rhythm that balances your breath and movements.

·    Repeat this process in front of your eyes, chest, belly, and lower abdominal area.

As you continue this practice, allow the connection you’ve made with Source to saturate your entire being. If you sense the presence of loving spirits, stay focused on the healing energy.


When you feel complete, give thanks and see yourself as healed and whole. Rest or get some fresh air, gently transitioning back into your daily life.

May you be healed in all ways.

With love and to your health and healing,






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