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Blog #2 - How to trust your intuition

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

Developing intuition starts by realizing you have it already. You are using your intuition all the time and very often we are not aware just how intuitive we are. If you’ve ever had a hunch about something, that was intuition. Intuition is just your mind using more than what you are consciously aware of. But can you trust your intuition? How do you improve it? Can you sense danger sometimes? Do you get a “feeling” about someone or a situation?

All these feelings are often your intuition talking to you.

However, when it comes to personal decisions it’s not always easy to trust what we are feeling as intuition. This is because our fears and concerns often get in the way of our intuition. The ego mind will bring all sorts of reasons not to trust what your intuition is telling you. For instance, you have a great idea for a new project or hobby to pursue and your gut feeling tells you it’s a great idea. However, the mind kicks in saying things like “It’s too difficult”, “that will never work”, “I can't afford that”. It’s important to realise that the mind can create resistance that can feel like intuition, this is why meditating, and quiet time is so important, as you learn to develop your intuition.

So how can we develop Intuition.

Here are three steps that will help you:

• Spend time in meditation, learn to trust the quietness within and the quiet inner voice of wisdom.

• Before you make decisions step back take a few deep breaths and notice how you really feel about it. Stepping back helps you to take your time and not allow fear or insecurity to hold you back. Learn to study your feelings and make them more trustworthy. Don't deny any fear or uncertainty but rather ask where it is coming from. Very often they are learned responses learned at an earlier time, often in our childhood.

• Give you intuition some information to work with. Look for areas in your life where you are naturally intuitive. What is something you are just naturally good at without studying. What is an area where you trust your intuition and it is almost right? This is your intuition talking to you. Of course, your intuition can also be a warning device. When you get the sense “something isn't quite right” that is your intuition talking as well, and you need to pay attention.

Love and Gratitude


In blog #3 I will share with you how I started to trust my intuition and how it accelerated my psychic skills

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